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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who sponsors Hanover Day?

Hanover Day is run by the Hanover Cultural Council. The Cultural Council raises money to fund Hanover Day through private donations and prior events that the HCC has sponsored. The fireworks display from 2013 through 2023 has been funded through a generous donation by McGee Toyota for the residents of Hanover to enjoy. For more information on the Hanover Cultural Council please contact HCC Chairman Chris Haraden at To view all our wonderful sponsors, please visit our sponsorship page


What happens to the money that is raised on Hanover Day?

The Hanover Cultural Council uses the profits to help sustain Hanover Day in the future and to give back to the community in the form of grants for arts, sciences & humanities. The grant cycle begins in late August. To apply for a grant please click here to go to the Massachusetts Cultural Council grant information page.


Where should I park?

Please park at Briggs Stables on Main Street, Town Hall, or Library. Parking Signs will be visible to direct you to parking locations. Please be respectful of abutting resident's property and all regulations of the Hanover Police Department. Handicapped parking is available at the Main Field. Please let a volunteer or detail policeman know that you will need accessible parking. Parking is not allowed on Rte 139 except in the evening on the Westbound side only- Police take notice.


Will you provide transportation for Seniors? 

Yes! We have vans that will be providing transportation for the senior citizens in our community. They will run from 10am to around 4pm and make stops at the three senior housing communities and Center on Aging (COA) every 15-30 mins. 

 Seniors can park at the COA and take the van to and from Hanover Day as well. 


How can I be involved in Hanover Day?

The Cultural Council is accepting registration requests for vendors, sponsors, volunteers and donations until June 15, 2023.


How much does it cost to attend Hanover Day?

The main event is free to attend. There are some activities that charge a fee but there are many low or no cost activities throughout the day and night to enjoy


How can I get involved with the Hanover Cultural Council?

Please contact Karen Cass at for information on becoming a member of the Hanover Cultural Council or the Hanover Day Planning Committee.

Contact us for any additional questions 

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